7 benefits of playing Mahjong Solitaire

benefits of playing Mahjong

The benefits of playing Mahjong add value to a game that is already a fun way to pass time. Despite its simpleness, these puzzles require a strategic approach in order to win and to be able to achieve a good score in the least amount of time. 
It is not only about matching tiles. The players need to think one step ahead every time or they risk ending up with an unsolvable puzzle. The benefits of playing Mahjong Solitaire derive precisely from this strategic thinking.

1. It helps to develop pattern recognition skills

Mahjong players have to be able to recognize and distinguish the symbols on each tile, even if they are not familiar with them.
This triggers the development and improvement of mental pattern recognition skills. The more they play; the quicker players can identify the different tile symbols and match them.
However, this does not mean that they are able to describe each symbol in detail. Only that the brain becomes able to identify general patterns more quickly. 

2. It enhances memorization

Playing regularly improves not only one’s pattern recognition skills but also memorization.
On one hand, pattern recognition implies a certain degree of memorization. Even if the players do not remember the symbols in detail, they must retain certain distinguishing features about each one. 
On the other hand, memorization is also triggered when the player surveys the board and tries to remember the position of each tile so that when a pair becomes available, they can be quickly matched and removed.

3. It helps to improve concentration

Players need to be able to maintain their focus if they want to win the game faster and collect the benefits of playing Mahjong Solitaire.
Any tiny distraction can result in the rupture of the memorization and even of pattern recognition processes. If they are not able to block any interference, they will need to constantly go back to the beginning of their analysis to find and match the best pairs to progress in the game.
In this sense, playing these puzzles is a great way and incentive to train the ability to concentrate and focus on one subject at a time.

4. It teaches about delayed gratification

Most tips on how to become a Mahjong Solitaire master revolve around the concept of delaying certain moves and waiting for a better configuration to be able to collect more gains at once.
This is a valuable lesson as it is extremely important in everyday life. Sometimes it is better to refrain from acting on impulse, take a step back, and survey all the options attentively. More often than not, there may be better outcomes for a certain decision or action if one is able to wait just a little bit longer.

5. It is a relaxing game

This is often considered as one of the main benefits of playing Mahjong Solitaire as it can be collected even by occasional players. 
These puzzles belong to a meditative strategy genre of games as they have no adrenaline producing quality. 
Time is not a constraint in this game, only a personal indicator. Likewise, a mistake does not necessarily imply losing the game. Players can always shuffle the tiles or undo their moves without facing any consequences game-wise.

6. It is therapeutic

While playing these puzzles, the players are able to remove themselves from their surroundings and be alone with themselves.
The mechanical movement of matching the tiles and the tranquillity with which they can set their game strategies helps to soothe the mind and avoid thinking about outside problems or issues.

7. Kids and adults can bond through this game

The Mahjong Solitaire puzzles work through visual analysis. There is no text to read or to interpret. Only symbols that must be matched in order to clear the board. This is a simple task that kids can easily perform.
They may yet lack the skills to approach the game strategically but that is why it is a great activity for them to share with adults. They can have fun together, searching and comparing the symbols on each tile and the adult can complete this approach with strategic analysis.
Besides, it is a unique opportunity for kids of every age to practice and train their visual and spatial skills, memorization, and pattern recognition ability.
At the end of the day, Mahjong Solitaire can thus be an amazing socializing and learning tool, while maintaining its fun purpose.


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